Warmup Hydro

Hydronic Floor Heating

Warmup distributes an in-house range of German-manufactured water-based heating components and equipment.

Hydronic floor heating is a type of system that warms your floor using warm water, which is circulated through your floors in thin pipes which are buried in the slab of the building. Although the systems are fairly complex to install, they provide extremely low running costs and minimal energy usage.

The Warmup Hydro range of products are compatible with any type of heating source, including solar panels, gas burners, heat pumps, and so forth. The range of Warmup electronic thermostats can also be used with the Warmup Hydro system.

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There are varied applications for the installation of a hydronic heating system. Your installation specialist will need to advise which option is the most suitable for you, depending on the particular type of building. A good insulation is highly recommended, to improve energy usage costs even further.

Warmup Hydro

A Selection of Our Products

The Warmup Hydro products are of excellent quality. The range includes manifolds, piping, fittings (press and screw), base plates, clips, tools, and more. Click on the picture to scroll through some product images.


For ultimate control and maximum energy efficiency, we recommend the use of an intelligent Warmup thermostat.

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