Birth of an Idea

Noticing the need for a simple and safe heating system, K. O. Morley designed, manufactured and installed a simple heating wire encased in a plastic netting, for a home renovation.


After many revisions to the design, a robust and safe foil-covered heater is supplied to flooring installation specialists in South Africa




With a reputation as a reliable brand, the Warmup product is taken into stock by the major flooring wholesalers in South Africa, for distribution to the industry.

Partnership with OJ Electronics

Warmup becomes the distributor for the range of thermostats manufactured by OJ Electronics in Denmark. The thermostats provide a simple and effective standard product range to complement the Warmup heating products.




Ongoing product developments allow variations of the Warmup system to be sold to customers in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

American Certification

Warmup acquires a UL rating for heaters manufactured for clients in the USA and Canada. This international safety rating requires frequent inspections of the Warmup factory and manufacturing process by UL staff, to maintain the rating.



Western Cape

To improve on our service to clients in the Western Cape, a branch is opened in Cape Town, offering higher levels of customer support, as well as on-site technical support and training.

Marmox Agency

The Marmox insulation products are added to Warmup's portfolio of energy saving products. The 10mm Marmox Board with a honeycomb finish is installed beneath the floor heating system, providing proven energy savings of up to 50%.



Eastern Cape

To service our clients in the Eastern Cape, South Side Distributors becomes the official distributor of Warmup products, and offers sales and technical support to clients and homeowners in the region.

Free State

Due to a growing demand in the Free State, an agent is established to offer improved stock availability in Bloemfontein, as well as sales and technical support.



30-Year Anniversary

In 30 years, Warmup has sold enough foil heating pads to pave a road from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and enough heating wire to go around the world.

A. J. Pudney (SA) cc

Warmup becomes a division of A. J. Pudney (SA) cc, established in 1910, adding a wealth of import / export knowledge and connections to the business.



Launch of Luxury Touch

The first Touch Screen thermostat supplied by Warmup is launched to the customer base.

A New Look

A long-awaited Corporate Image rebrand takes place, bringing Warmup in line with what a consumer in the 21st century expects of the leading manufacturer of floor heating in South Africa.



Hydro Heating

Warmup becomes the distributor for the world-renowned range of Viega Fonterra hydronic floor heating products. Added to this is the Warmup Hydro in-house range of quality German-manufactured components.

Marmox Multiboard Distributor

Helo SA becomes Warmup's distributor for the new Marmox Multiboard range of products. Wonderfully versatile, the building boards and accessories provide an excellent alternative to bricks and mortar, with the added benefits of providing thermal insulation, waterproofing, and more.



Heatmiser Thermostats

Warmup takes on the Heatmiser range of products for the South African market, offering a new level of intelligent and connected thermostat controllers, from a simple touch-screen thermostat to an intelligent wifi unit and smartphone application.

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