Undervinyl Heating

Electronic Floor Heating

Warmup’s custom-laid heating elements allow full coverage of the floor, evenly heating the vinyl tiles and gently radiating warmth into the room.

As the heating solution becomes part of the floor, with no hot or moving parts, you can still enjoy an uncluttered home, as well as a maintenance-free heating system. Best of all, this clean, silent and odour-free heating solution will not dry out the air or aggravate allergies.

The cable used beneath vinyls is designed never to overheat and can be left on continuously. However the vinyl flooring manufacturers specify that the floor temperature may not exceed 27’C. A floor sensor then must be used in conjunction with an intelligent Warmup thermostat to control the heating system accordingly. To ensure the vinyls are heated evenly, at least 90% of the floor space must be covered with the heating system.


Heating can be installed beneath most clip-vinyl floor systems, however glued vinyls require a different type of Warmup heating solution.


A thin, self-levelling screed is poured over the heating system, to bond it to the subfloor and protect the heating cables. The screed must be smooth and level to provide a suitable surface for the vinyls.


A fibreglass resin coated mesh is laid over the heating elements to protect the cable and strengthen the screed.

Heating Cables

Our heating cables are factory tested at 5000 volts, to ensure safety and longevity. The Teflon coated cables are extremely thin, minimizing the overall change in your floor height.


The subfloor should be smooth, level and strong, to ensure a good bond between the screeds.


Warmup undervinyl heaters are safety tested and are completely waterproof. It is encased in a tough ETFE insulation, which is mechanically tough, has excellent dielectric strength and is resistant to alkali chemical attack in concrete.


Warmup components have the benefit of over 30 years of European technology for applications that demand high flexibility, continuous operation at high temperatures and long working life.


Discreetly hidden from view, these thin heating elements lie hidden directly under the vinyl. There are no visible elements or radiators, no summertime storage problems.

Vinyl Type

Under any type of clip-vinyl. Glued down vinyl floors require a different type of Warmup heating system.


While Warmup heaters have been designed to never overheat - and may be left on continuously - timers and thermostats are available as optional extras for additional control.


The system must be installed by an installer who is certified by Warmup, to ensure the full lifespan of the product is enjoyed.


This is not in-screed heating, and is effective within 30-60 minutes of switch-on. You heat the area you need, when you need it.


A 10 year factory-backed warranty is provided. Warranty forms are issued with each heater.


Undervinyl heaters installed in bathrooms and wet areas must be protected by an earth-shield. Warmup’s earth-braided undervinyl heaters are compliant for use in bathrooms and wet areas.


For ultimate control and maximum energy efficiency, we recommend the use of an intelligent Warmup thermostat.

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