And the winner is…

  Four months ago, #Warmupsa and Fotakis Cape decided to make one client’s Dream Holiday come true! The flooring company with the highest rand value purchases of #Warmupsa products from Fotakis Cape would WIN the High Flyer Challenge!   We were delighted with the overwhelming interest and support.   From the start of the promotion the
You’ve said goodbye to winter with one prevailing thought: “I need to get underfloor heating for next winter!” Smartly, you have decided to get your floor heating installed as soon as possible so that you can avoid the inevitable winter rush.  You will start next winter warm and cozy, happy that you’ve already had your

Busting the top 5 Underfloor Heating Myths

Underfloor heating seems to be a mysterious industry, not always fully understood by the consumer.  Few understand the technology, creating a lot of myths circulating about this form of home heating. #warmupsa has compiled this list of myths aimed at enlightening you on the truth behind underfloor heating.   Myth #1 – Underfloor heating is

Your essential guide to underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating
  One thing is very certain.  We all just love a comfy, warm home in the winter.  Nothing beats curling up in a nice warm space when it is freezing outside, it makes you feel safe, snug and stress-free.   Though there is a multitude of ways to create your cosy cocoon, for instance a

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