underfloor heating
The 16th century saw traders from the warmer Mediterranean regions bringing citrus fruit like oranges and lemons to Europe. Once tasted, the Europeans were very taken with these delicate fruits, and obviously wanted to have them readily available.  However, the cold weather prohibited this, and all they could do was wait for the next trader.
krugersdorp tornado
Yesterday, 09 October 2017, will be remembered by many in Johannesburg.  A major thunderstorm led to a severe downpour of hail, which caused widespread destruction in many areas.  Krugersdorp and Delmas was reported to be hit by a tornado, causing even more damage, many injuries and even resulted in loss of life.  Added to this
underfloor heating
Electric underfloor heating has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, in part due to the technological advances in the field, and in part, because it has become affordable enough for most home owners to install radiant underfloor heating in their homes.  In a few short decades, radiant underfloor heating has gone from expensive

What’s good about vinyl flooring?

vinyl flooring
Those faded plastic vinyls are no more Most of us has at least one relative that, fairly proudly, used to have vinyl floor tiles, usually in the kitchen, stuck down to a wobbly floor.  That is the picture that comes to mind when you think of vinyl floors, those horrible little plastic tiles that just

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